• Hon CMD Shree RN Singh launched the new modified & Updated version of BIS website on 16th March 2019 , In presence of all directors and top executive.
  • Pilgrimage Trip to Shirdi :- Hon.CMD Shree RN. Singh organized and leaded Shirdi Sai Baba Darshan with more than 300 people leaded Shirdi Sai Baba Darshan with more than 300 people
  • Every Year CMD organize Shirdi Darshan on the occasion of Makar Sankranti
  • While returning followed by holy bath in Godavari River organized for all with Lunch ,traditional food.
  • Hon. CMD R.N.Singh invited as cheif guest by RSRN Shikshan Sankul Gorakhpur to grace the occasions on 31st Dec 2018
  • Statue inauguration programme of Late Ramsakhi singh (The founder)-proper inauguration program followed by worship with garland and flowers by Vedic customs through Pandit-By Chief guest Shri R N Singh
  • Lamp lightening programme:-By chief guest and other dignitaries
  • Bunch of Balloon flown in sky by chief guest.
  • Grand Cultural programme-By students of all three institution on 31st Dec 2018
  • Welcome and felicitation of all guest
  • Expansion of Pension scheme- To new selected people will be announced and handed over by Chief guest besides existing widow pension to 13 widow
  • 2500 Blanket Distribution to old age and needy people- By Chief guest
  • Jursey distribution to all the students-By Chief Guest
  • Note book distribution to all the students- By Chief Guest
  • Prize distribution to students by Chief guest and other guest for excellancy in annual sports event and academic

Training & Orientation

With a view to provide adequate training to security personnel for service realization, we at BIS with state of Art infrastructure maintaining full-fledged training center in different states.

These training centers are named as IISM which are established with a view to provide training to our workforce equivalent to paramilitary forces. These training centers were established much before enactment of PSARA Act 2005.

Training as per PSARA Act 2005 is compulsorily provided to security personnel recruited for deployment free of cost. A proper course of syllabus is being followed at all our IISM which is well equipped and managed by competent training staff and experts.

All these institutions are inspected periodically by concerned Government authority and validated/ renewed the licenses located in different parts of countries. Our training centers are also affiliated by NSDC.
Remaining Training Centres


  • Facilities at training centre
  • Course of Syllabus
  • Activities
  • Training Schedule
  • Instructors and Faculty
  • Reward & Recognition
  • Passing out parade

Facilities at training centre

  • Free Messing facilities with dedicated team, follows hygienic norms and maintain providing healthy diet made of fresh materials
  • Sitting dining facility for all trainees.
  • Resident facility for minimum 100 trainees with all facilities like mattress, blanket, pillow, bed sheet, mosquitoes net, cooler, fans etc.
  • Free kit provided to trainees which includes PT shoes, half pant, T shirt, belt, cap etc.
  • well designed and developed play ground, parade ground, hurdle ground and all other physical activities arrangement.

Course of Syllabus

Course of syllabus at all IISM is specially designed to meet and compete the security needs at ground ZERO. The syllabus was formally presented to Vasant Rao University, Maharashtra for its affiliation. The syllabus covers the requirement of existing PSARA Act’2005 and it is fully complying to the provision therein.


  • Physical training
  • Fire-fighting
  • First Aid
  • karate
  • Self-defense
  • Theoretical procedures
  • Rope climbing
  • Hurdles running
  • PT Parade

Training Schedule

We are following a systematic training schedule at our all IISM’s. Starting from morning PT at 0600 hrs followed by Judo & Karate Course, Parade Training with break time for one hour breakfast. Professional classes start at 1000 hrs for Industrial Security, Security Management duties, use of Security system and Devices, Legal Obligation & IPC, Medical first Aid, Disaster Management, Civilian security, Security documents, Communication & personal behavior skills. Here is again one hour break for lunch between 1300 hrs to 1400 hrs. Afternoon session start with the Core subject of Fire Fighting and First-Aid with briefed guidelines on various types of fire related to different types of companies and locations followed with Obstacle course and evening sports.

Instructors and Faculty

Our all Instructors are pure professional and qualified T3 & TOT course for training of Security Guards and supervisors in the private Security industries conducted by Skill Development Council, security section which run under the aegis of National Skill Development Corporation set up by ministry of Finance, Government of India and Certified as Private Security Trainer.

Reward & Recognition

After completion of successful rigorous 30 days training, proper exam are conducted for theory as well as physical training and only after satisfactory results the trainees are passed out and handed over certificate of training.

Passing out parade

At the end of training session passing out parade is organized for trainees who have successfully completed training where the guard of honor and demonstration of parade are performed in presence of invited chief guests like prominent clients, bureaucrats etc.