BIS recently took action to reduce carbon footprint by arranging several programs such as paper recycling in their campus area, apparel conservation like donating unwanted wearable clothing to charity, conservation of electricity etc. Now team of BIS is also focusing on the programs like recycling of plastic bottles by switching from bottled water to filtered tap water as 95% of the plastic bottles are not recycled which are responsible for the depletion of environment. Implementation these things,will help in protection of environment and sustaining its natural resources for current and future generations.

It is important to think critically about girls’ education to strengthen their voice and their demands. For that Ram Niwas Singh, chairman of BIS,established Panadevi Public Charitable Trust which runs two schools for Girls & Boys , Adarsh Jana Seva Mandalwhich distributes free uniforms, books etc. to poor and needy students. The lack of school infrastructure in pastoralist communities is the main issue which BIS will be focussing on, in taking this work forward, by establishing schools for girls upto Graduate level and turn the same into huge Educational Centre

Recently BIS organized a voluntary blood donation camp for its employees to make people realize their responsibility towards the community. Every year, as a part of its social responsibility BIS organizes periodic blood donation camps at various places like metro stations and public parks as well as in their campus areas. Being a Trustee of various Trust and charities, Board of directors encourage more people to take part in such campaigns to turn it into a social movement by saying ‘You don’t have to be a doctor to save a life!'.

The main drive of our campaign is to create a sense of social responsibility among the communities, and to raise critical awareness on how tobacco is health hazardous to life. 
Anti Tobacco Campaigns are designed in various areas by BIS team  to convince young people to stop cigarette smoking and tobacco consumption. Santosh Singh Director of HAMARA MAHANAGAR newspaper, published in Mumbai has spread many anti-tobacco programs  messages through their news that encouraged youths to minimize tobacco consumption.