• Jursey distribution to all the students-By Chief Guest
  • Expansion of Pension scheme- To new selected people will be announced and handed over by Chief guest besides existing widow pension to 13 widow


The infrastructure available in the Company is the main strength of BIS. Our company is highly rated and recognized for having best infrastructure among all security agencies in India. On this front undoubtedly no other agency in India has required infrastructure needed for providing services in different parts of country. Due to solid structure of company, our network is spreaded in every parts of country from very remote, rural and desert area to the challenging border area.

Presently our company is running more than 57 branches across India besides various site offices and Area offices. Most of the offices is owned by us to give stability to our presence in the market. Our most of the offices are standardized and well equipped with all modern technology and facilities such as computer network, tele communication, walky-talky, patrolling vehicle, four wheeler, two wheeler, electronic surveillance system, mobile application etc.These offices cares the services provided at every location in the country.

We have our own setup of complete processing of uniform stitching centrally located in Mumbai where more than 25 machines are stitching the different uniforms including customized production. Various workers and technicians, designers are working for better outfit of our security personnel deployed for service realization.

We at BIS maintains fully modernised garage for quick repairing & maintainance of complete fleet of vehicles to ensure uninterrupted patroling at site round the clock.

These all facilities are made available at every branch to meet uninterrupted services to customers round the year. Our branch offices are kept open 24 X 7 all 365 days.

  • Large number of fleet of vehicles
  • Communication & Electronic surveillance devices
  • Accommodation for staff and security personnel
  • Messing facilities for staff and security personnel
  • Arms and Ammunition
  • Logistic Support Unit
  • Mobile Application - Realtime monitoring
  • Maintains very high Standard of quality of services