The Guarding Division of BIS Pvt. Ltd. is a professional body of Total Security Solutions. We provide innovative and strategic security services customized to minimize losses. The service portfolio of BIS includes guarding, fire squad, dog squad, bodyguards for industries, banks, retail outlets, residential colonies, hotels and institutions. Incorporated in 1976, BIS today has a presence in India, Asia, backed by over 60,000 trained security personnel maintaining 24x7 control room, with emergency response , proactive operations and backup team and a dynamic corporate infrastructure at all branch locations. 

  Providing broad based complimentary services
  Setting service delivery standards for other companies to emulate.
  Satisfaction of all stakeholders. 
  Providing Industrial Security, Bank Security, Event Security, Retail Security, Security of Residential Colonies ,Hotel Security ,Institutional Security, Security of Commercial Establishments.

The BIS Consulting & Investigation division has been operating as an independent business division since 1976 and we currently have a team that are spread across various cities of country. The service portfolio of this division includes pre-employment verification, fraud investigation, due diligence, surveillance on wrongdoing , corporate misconduct and in  protection and recovery of assets etc., We strive to focus on bringing value, drawing upon experience gained from a variety of former disciplines and professional backgrounds. BIS Consulting & investigation team provides seasoned professionals domestically and globally to achive rapid response to against suspected fraud.

  Nationwide network of trained investigators & operatives.
  Quality execution & reporting and best in industry turn around time (TAT).
  Professionals with high-quality and individualized service.

Over the last few years, BIS Cash Service Division has developed its business with a strong focus on Customer needs and designed to meet customer requirements. This service includes secured transfer of cash and valuables, ATM replenishment, Vaulting and Processing Services, multi-point cash collection and Caretaker Services. Our aim is to provide solutions to the specific needs of each individual customer. BIS Cash Services team is responsible for identifying and enhancing value for customers by meeting International (Cash Transportation) business standards. BIS provide following services:

Armored Car Services : Large retailers who collect a great deal of cash require pick up of huge cash via an armored car company, which is one field of our  specialisation.

Account Reconcilement Services : Banks have used this system to prevent cheques from being fraudulently cashed if they are not on the list.

BIS Facility Management was founded in order to develop, define and promote best business practices for security, investigations, as well as, training and awareness. We have made a commitment to provide outstanding service, professionalism, creative thinking and loyalty to all our customers.

In BIS, event management involves studying the intricacies of the brand, identifying the target audience, events and conferences like product launches, press conferences, corporate meetings and concerts like, film premieres, commercial events, award ceremonies, etc. devising the event concept, planning logistics and coordinating the technical aspects before actually executing the modalities of the proposed event also come under BIS Event Management Services.